We use content marketing to tell your story,
resulting in bottom line profits to your business.

What we do

Apply the power of social media to your business
The social media experts at Flywheel Marketing understand the dynamics of all the major players, from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram and so many others (see below). We know how to leverage their unmatched strengths and how to avoid costly pitfalls. Like any powerful tool, it needs to be wielded with great skill.

Strengthen and grow your current customer base
As an experienced marketing company, we understand how to use fantastic content to bring new people to your business as well as strengthen the relationship with your current customers. Along with social media, we know how to leverage blogging and email marketing, in order to bring you bottom line results.

What in the world is a Flywheel?

In Jim Collin’s influential book Good to Great, he describes the flywheel, a mechanical device that generates and stores energy. Through a lot of hard work and persistent effort in the beginning, a flywheel slowly builds up momentum as it rotates and picks up speed. This momentum grows and develops more and more energy until, before very long, it becomes a virtual powerhouse.

So it is with social media. Through clear, concise, and consistent brand communications, we’ll help you gradually build momentum and realize long-term success. It’s as though it takes on a dynamic life of its own! That’s how we can take your business to the next level… then far beyond that!

The Social Media Universe:
How you can plug into its vast power.

Humans are social beings so social media advertising couldn’t be more natural to us.
That’s why it has grown so quickly into becoming an indispensable part of so
many people’s lives–and businesses!

Twitter is social media marketing on an open field. Join conversations already happening about you and your business.

If your product has a visual appeal, there’s no better way to display it for potential customers to see than on Pinterest. We’ll show you the best ways!

This is the preferred way for business people to connect–and network–with other business people. You can make the most of it with us!

Over 4 billion YouTube videos are viewed every day, and we’ll help you show up in the results.

Google Plus
Got any tech products? Google Plus enables you to work with Google and leverage its unique tools in promoting your business.

Already, more than one in every seven people on Earth is on Facebook. An absolute “must” for any social-media campaign!

Social Media Paid Advertising
By showing your specific message to your specific audience, a PPC campaign complements your social campaigns to make your social-media pages grow faster than ever.

One of the fastest growing social networks and very popular among the younger generation.

Our expert content writers develop blogs your customers actually want to read

Email Marketing
Still the most cost effective way to keep your current customers engaged in your brand.

To us, social media is a blast!

All the specialists at Flywheel are not only passionate about social media, we get a big kick out of it, too!
There’s nothing we enjoy more than to keep up with industry trends and figure out how we can apply
the latest tools to making our clients more successful.

Brian Rowley

Brian Rowley

Jennifer O.

Jennifer O.

Operations Manager
Kerynne S.

Kerynne S.

Content Specialist
Diane G.

Diane G.

Ads Manager


What people are saying about us!

“I use social media tools to engage your customers and potential customers in conversations about your products and services” says Mike. “This is what will grow your social network and–more importantly–grow your business!”

Andy B3D Printing Company

“We’ve been using social media marketing for several years, but it wasn’t bringing us any business. In 6 months, Flywheel Marketing turned our “dormant” social pages into a major lead generator resulting in real customers!”

Allen KB2B Owner