Build a better site to get a higher conversion.

Studies show that a well-built website that offers quality content, improved user interface and solid branding will increase conversion, which leads to generating new business at an extraordinary rate. In this day and age it’s not enough to just have a website, you’ve got to have a great website!

Keep your website simple, clean and concise.

With information flooding us at an unparalleled rate, it’s imperative that you not only capture the attention of your audience in mere seconds, you must provide them the information they need and remove any roadblocks that may cause them not to take action. Appearance, form and function are paramount. Your consumers are more prone to take action and buy your products and services if you make it easy for them to do so. Any simple distraction, disruption or confusion can and will cost you business. A poorly coded shopping cart for example could cost you the sale. Difficult to find contact information could be all it takes for someone to move on off your site and on to someone else’s, and in many cases to your competitor’s. People these days act on impulse, and if your site has lag, broken links or is difficult to browse… you’re losing business.

Mobile is a must!

Is your website mobile friendly, is it responsive? Studies show that mobile usage has surpassed desktop 51% to 42%. Older websites weren’t designed to fit the demands of all the smart mobile devices we use these days. From smart watches to tablets to spart phones, delivery of content to this vast array of devices has become difficult, and your site needs to keep up with all of them! Having your site operate in a mobile friendly manner will allow you to attract and capitalize on your customers where ever they are day and night.

We can help!

Let us give your site the makeover it desperately needs. With our highly collaborative approach will work with you to understand your vision for your website and your business needs; and we will create a site that will be beautiful and competitive in your industry.

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