Hawgs and hashtags: The Sons of Arthritis story

My wife Mary and I started Sons of Arthritis Apparel back in late 2010 with a little Go Daddy ad and I thought I was going to be making ‘beer money’. Well, there was a gentleman – a big-name biker — on facebook
who posted our shirts and the dang thing went viral.

I Micro didn’t know anything about facebook until that took off. We soon found out that wholesale mlb jerseys – lo and wholesale jerseys behold – facebook was the medium to start rolling -NAPO- our business. At first and for the longest time, we built our apparel business based on some posts. But, you know, facebook has had quite a few changes to the way they go about things – with their algorithms and what they do behind the scenes. Lord knows I still don’t know anything about it.

Over time, cheap jerseys I had to look for people who Smelly could help me understand facebook and grow my business on social media. I had a couple and of them who supposedly were going to make me money and didn’t do anything.

Then I reached out to a company called Flywheel Marketing. When I called, they were very good at knowing our business. Flywheel took the time to understand what we did, to research wholesale nba jerseys us. Their communications have been fabulous.

As of now, in 2015, we are a half-million dollar company and doing facebook ads at a cost-per-click that is trip so low that it is almost unheard of.

If you are looking for someone to really drive wholesale nfl jerseys your business on social media so you can be successful, I highly Use recommend Kapstaden Flywheel Marketing.

Good luck.

Stan Dorak


CEO of Sons of Arthritis Apparel


Email Flywheel Marketing at hello@flywheelmarketing.com. Put us to work.

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