Best Hashtag Practices

hashtagsSocial media: a mystery? A science? A narcissistic obsession? It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you, as an aspiring or established professional, are caught up with the newest trends and practices. Today, we’re here to talk about hashtags and how they can make or break your social media presence.

The hashtag works as a grouping mechanism. It’s a way to “tag” your tweet, and identify it with other tweets regarding the same or similar subjects. For example, if you were to label a tweet with “#CasualFridays”, anyone could search that hashtag and see which tweets, including your own, have the same label. Now that you have a better understanding of hashtags (you probably already knew that), we can move on to the actual appealing ways to use them.

1. Try to join in on trending hashtags while relating it to your company. There are social media obsessions – videos, tweets, quotes – that have gone viral… join in on this opportunity! Oh, an awesome video of a flying cat surfaced, relate it to your own business somehow! For some reason, whenever corporations join in on social media trends, people love it. Twitter is free publicity, so it get the most of it!

2. Use hashtags frequently, but not ridiculously. Yes, Twitter does offer you the ability to do it whenever you want, but that doesn’t mean that you need to. Try to limit yourself to one per tweet, usually at the end. Don’t exhaust your resources.

3. Have fun with it. Let your personality shine through your tweets, including your hashtags. Many people lose track of their true identities when it comes to social media – don’t let that happen! It’s easy to post informational, lackluster links, but the entertaining, creative posts are the ones that have the greatest effect.

4. Make sure that you utilize your followers and their presence. Twitter goes from written thoughts to spoken words, use your hashtags to have more people see your tweets i.e. the search presence.

These are some minor improvements to fully and efficiently utilize your social media outlets. Don’t be annoying, don’t try too hard, just be yourself and the clients/followers will love it!

Signing off for now, your friends at Flywheel Marketing.

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