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Search engine optimization (SEO) is how websites are found on search engine results pages. The competition is vast, potential strategies are countless, and it typically requires the expertise of a professional to help a website land on the first page. Consumers today rely on search engines in the same way the Yellow Pages were the primary resource for locating businesses in pre-Internet times. At Flywheel Marketing, we stay on top of best SEO practices, to help consumers find our clients online. We also track changes on search engine algorithms, to ensure that our SEO methods are current and produce optimal results. The following are among numerous authoritative SEO resources.

Internet Marketing Blogs

Search Engine Land is a top SEO resource that has been a reliable source of relevant, high-quality blog posts since it was established by Danny Sullivan in 2006. This is an excellent resource that covers all topics related to “search engine marketing,” a phrase Sullivan has been credited with coining. Helpful articles, webcasts, research reports, and information about conferences and SEO events can be accessed on the site.

Search Engine Journal (SEJ) is another resource with years of expert blogging on Internet marketing under their belt. At the time of this writing, SEJ offers four free downloadable e-books, when you subscribe to their newsletter. The e-books are: Search Engine Journal’s Social Media Strategy, SEO Trends 2017, SEJ’s SEO Guide, and Content Marketing Guide.

Social Media Marketing Resources

Social Media Examiner claims to be the largest social media marketing (SMM) resource in the world. More than 560,000 e-mail subscribers take advantage of the information on how to successfully navigate SMM. A weekly live video show is featured, called Social Media Marketing Talk with Michael Stelzner, the founder of the online SMM resource. The resource also offers one of the top 10 marketing podcasts available on iTunes. The Social Media Marketing podcast is a 45-minute interview show also hosted by Stelzner. Learn SMM tactics, actionable tips, and how businesses successfully grow using social media. And there’s more, including: A Social Media Marketing Society; the largest social media marketing conference in the world, which takes place in San Diego, California, annually; and numerous other resources.


Kissmetrics provides “behavioral analytics to drive growth.” With this resource, you can determine which action to take in order to accelerate growth because it allows you to track what people are doing and understand why they’re doing it. Online marketers depend on Kissmetrics for guidance on the best strategies to use to improve online marketing efforts. Founded in 2008, Kissmetrics successfully set out to provide understandable, effective analytics and conversion optimization solutions.

SEO Guides

Google, the number one search engine, offers Google SEO Guide: The Ultimate Resource. Google sets the standards for putting algorithms in place to produce search engine results that provide just what the searcher was looking for. Anyone who is interested in reading over the bare basics of how to achieve SEO should read the many Google resources available. Resources for keyword research at this site include: SEO Basics Guide, Ultimate Google SEO Guide to Keyword Competition, and WordStream’s Keyword Research Tool. WordStream is a Google Partner, and it has a helpful online marketing blog.

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