Major Brand Success with Social Media           

Many savvy companies have had incredible brand-building success using various social media platforms. Consumers gather by the millions on social media sites. When a business post in one form or another is found to be share-worthy, brand exposure can multiply at a mind-blowing rate. Any business has the potential of achieving major brand success with social media. Learn some secrets of success and some recent social media branding success stories below.

Engage the Community

The online community is vast like the world’s oceans. With social media marketing (SMM) that is created with potential customers in mind and a commitment to only make posts that add value, many individuals are likely to get onboard with you and bring their friends along. Through insights gained from research about your target audience, choose at least one or two social media platforms to focus on with SMM. Top social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The correct approach for engaging the online community is to be socially-oriented in your participation. Ongoing involvement is also a must. When you receive comments and other feedback, keep up your end of the conversation. Engaging the community in a way that can lead to major brand success is an online strategy worth the marketing dollars. The following are companies that can vouch for the benefits of branding via social media.

Examples of Major Brand Success on Social Media

Company: Charmin

What they did: Started a hashtag “tweet from the seat” campaign on Twitter. It’s literally at least as popular as the poop emoji and has people talking. Another level of exposure was achieved because Charmin was one of 11 brands that participated in a Twitter Party and giveaway for tickets to a start-studded awards show, the People’s Choice Awards, in January 2017.


Company: Coca-Cola

What they do: Rock social media. The company has more than 3.3 million Twitter followers and nearly 103 million Likes on their Facebook page. Some of their successful strategies include staying true to their brand, braving to be different in their creative approaches to engage audiences (Google Coke vending machines, i.e. The Happiness Machine), leveraging crowdsourcing, and participating in the conversation (more than 80% of the company’s monthly tweets are direct replies on Twitter). Coca Cola also has a strong social media presence on Instagram, and the company makes heavy use of videos.


Company: Domino’s

What they do: This major pizza company gives customers the convenient option of quickly ordering their favorite pizza by simply tweeting a pizza emoji to their twitter account, @Dominos. The overwhelming results included media coverage on Good Morning America, USA Today, and Forbes. This is just one example of Domino’s expansive social media strategy. More than half of Domino’s orders are from digital channels.



Company: Dollar Shave Club

What they did: A #RazorBurn campaign was launched on social media by Dollar Shave Club that increased social followers by 6%, increased Twitter engagement upwards of 31%, and lifted social media mentions for the company by 24%. The ingenious social media marketing campaign features images of worn-out, old, and downright gross razors with fun captions, such as “Your razor’s so old it thinks LOL is Morse Code.”


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