5 Drawbacks to Twitter and Why They Don’t Matter

TwitterSome people love Twitter, others hate it. Ultimately, no matter your opinion, it’s a great marketing resource and a perfect platform for possible customers. Today, we’re going to cover 5 apparent drawbacks to Twitter and talk about why they really don’t matter.

1. “There are so many tweets out there, it’s way too easy for yours to get buried with the pack.” 
Well, I’m here to tell you that yes, while this is possible, it’s very easy to avoid. Tweets are just like any other form of marketing. There will always be those who ignore the tweets and advertisements, but the sheer nature of Twitter requires that people follow you in order to see your tweets directly. This means that they have some sort of interest in hearing what you have to say. Embrace this, make your tweets interesting and you won’t be ignored.

2. “You only have 140 characters to market yourself or your company, there’s no way that’s enough.” The most effective advertisements are those that catch someone’s eye and have a lasting affect. It’s easiest to catch someone’s eye with a short ad rather than a long one. No one wants to read 600 characters, but 140 isn’t asking much.

3. “Spam is so prevalent on Twitter, there’s no way to distinguish the actual promotions from the fake.” The only way that one is exposed to spam on Twitter is if someone they follow tweets or retweets it. If it’s coming directly from the source, like the account of a credible company, the promotions are always taken seriously. Twitter has a great monitoring service.

4. “You have to be following someone in order for them to send a direct message, that limits outreach.” Yes, while this is true, it’s also a huge marketing advantage. This requires that people ask questions directly to your public posts, providing you with the opportunity to respond where everyone can see it. This way, you’re answering someone’s question and putting your company in a good light for its outreach.

5. “Relationships on Twitter are just that, they don’t actually help business.” No matter the nature of a relationship – on Twitter, on Instagram, by text/email – it is still a relationship. Relationships are connections, connections bring business, and business is revenue. Be nice and helpful on all platforms, especially Twitter where anyone can see it.

Signing off for now, your friends at Flywheel Marketing.