How to Effectively Use a QR Code

qr-code-graveYears ago, the QR codes – those ubiquitous black-and-white-checkered boxes  – were hailed by marketers as the Next Thing, uniting print media with an online presence.

And now? According to a 2013 moon comScore report, the number of people who have scanned a QR code has dribbled to a plateau since 2012. As the number of smartphone users continues to rise, the number of consumers scanning QR codes remains the same.

Why is a QR code scan such a struggle, if all that’s required is pulling out a phone and performing a cheap MLB jerseys quick scan? Well, QR codes require a bit of tech savvy. At first, phones common in the US required an additional app and rare was the consumer who wanted to go to that extra trouble. Newer mobile devices now feature a preloaded version of a QR code reader (Apple’s is in Passbook, not the camera itself), but this still requires an extra step for the consumer to learn it. Consumers find the path of least resistance and simple skip scanning a QR code altogether.

For consumers who figured out how to scan QR codes, their early experiences with the online information were sometimes less than optimal. The links offered no instant reward or added value to them, only a stagnant website. Once disappointed by the mobile experience behind a QR code, a consumer may never scan one again.

Weighing the decision to use a QR code:
Each audience is unique so just because QR codes do not work for some does not mean they do not work for you. If QR codes have been a part of your marketing strategy, trying running an A/B test or two in the campaign for your next event. For example, include a QR code on half of the programs. On the other half, include a shortened, easy-to-remember URL. Be sure to link both to the same page on your website. Put separate UTM tracking codes on the QR code link and shortened URL so you can compare how many people visit from each *ACHS* and let the metrics decide.

How to use a QR code… and use it well:

QR codes are most effective when these things are fantastisk present…
There must be added value so great, that the user actually thinks A about and the opportunity cost of not scanning the code. Patrons and passers-by can scan the QR codes, taking them to the online menu, allowing them to make reservations, or order their groceries online. Could your QR code allow attendees to register for the event right on the spot?

The placement of the QR code is perfect: enough foot traffic to get noticed, but not so busy that people won’t want to stop and scan. Looking through the lens of the QR code scanning experience, where is the optimal place for your event’s posters?

If placement is an issue, the QR code must be transportable. Mountain Dew used QR code campaigns on drink cups, spicing up the incentive to scan with free music downloads cheap MLB jerseys and netting more than 200,000 downloads. What motive could you give your audience to scan? What freebies could they get?

The QR code offers rewards for friends too. A successful Scandinavian Airlines ad campaign required two smartphones (side-by-side) to scan the QR code to receive a price break on tickets. This campaign boosted revenue and got more people to fly together. Could your event promote paired registration rewards?

Creating your QR code:
If you do not have a QR code and want to create one, know that they are easy to create with very little time required. Click here for one of many websites to create your own.

Alternatives to QR codes:
QR codes might work for you now but they won’t outlast your company. Like all technologies, there is cheap MLB jerseys always something else coming around the corner. Here are a few emerging replacements for QR codes in the next 5 years:

• URLs. They can be short, memorable, and easy to type into a mobile browser. And they are available now.

• Near-field communication (NFC). This chip is embedded in print marketing pieces and transmits to any phones with NFC capabilities.

• Image-recognition applications. You take a snapshot of to-die-for shoes your friend is wearing and your phone is redirected to a site which sells those shoes online.

• Augmented reality. When viewed with an app or Responds tablet, a print promotional poster turns into a video. No further action is required of the consumer.

Expectations and Outsourcing


 You start the day moving in one direction and by sunset, you are fleeing from it in seven. In this electronic age, how do you manage it all? The answer may be OUTSOURCING.

Before you decide who does what and when in outsourcing your social media, take stock of your expectations. These are reasonable expectations of your social media marketing outsourcing:

  • drafting and fine-tuning your social media content,
  • understanding your image and your brand (a refining process developed sivurajoittimet over time),
  • tracking cheap jerseys your visibility with data and insights,
  • repositioning your photos to better project your business image,
  • and strategically scheduling Kayak your posts for maximum visibility.

So what should you NOT expect when you outsource your social media? You will be headed for disappointment if you expect the company to:

  • know your business without talking to you,
  • be completely you on social media (although Py?ek they can come pretty close),
  • make people ‘like’ you without hearing from you,
  • misunderstand the rapid pace of social media and clog the communications channel with slower-paced, old-school approaches (Imagine waxing a car using a cotton swab and you get the picture. It’s all about right tools and right timing.)
  • make people see you without your providing photos and film clips of your business.

With realistic expectations, you are ready for outsourcing. The easiest “toe in the cheap jerseys water” to try with social media outsourcing is facebook. Try it and Sparen you can add Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, and Linked In once you find out wholesale jerseys that the ‘water’ is fine.

With reasonable expectations, you can keep up with the rapidfire pace that social media brings to promoting your business. Just delegate wisely and when you are ready to head in one direction again.

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