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At Flywheel, we use every essential strategy for achieving search engine optimization (SEO). Effectiveness in improving search engine ranking for our clients’ websites is achieved with the help of valuable data obtained from various SEO tools. Results of online marketing aren’t obscure, which means there’s no need to wonder what might be happening with your Internet marketing dollars. Progress can be monitored and reports can provide direction on what is working and what needs improvement. Keyword research is an important component of SEO, and there are a number of resources we can use to choose the right ones and maximize the use of keywords. The following are among the many useful analytical tools available.

Google Analytics

The number one search engine is Google, and Google Analytics is widely recognized as an absolute must-have SEO resource. Any other source that provides data on website traffic and site visitors is simply piggy-backing off of Google Analytics. There are many reports you can get from this tool, and an example is a “Query Report.” This report will show the following information about your website, and more:

  • Which keywords you rank for.
  • The number of impressions your website is receiving, such as actual clicks on an ad measured against pay-per-click impressions.
  • The total number of clicks your website is getting.
  • The average position your website is ranking for.
  • Your click-through rate.

On a “Landing Page Report,” you can learn which of your landing pages are ranking well, etc.

Keyword Planner

The landscape is always changing on the Internet, and one change is that “Keyword Planner” has replaced the “Keyword Tool.” It takes some experience, study, and understanding to know how to use keyword data. For instance, generic keywords have immense competition. To build up organic SEO on your website, which requires time, it’s important to focus on various keywords, including those referred to as “low-hanging fruit,” which means they don’t have as much competition and you are more likely to rank well with them.

Moz Local

Moz Local is widely considered an essential tool, and it highlights the importance of ensuring that your physical business can be found locally. You will rank for local search queries, as long as you build local citations to your address. Moz Local is a management tool that builds listings to your business and updates existing listings. Although all businesses can benefit from Moz Local, it is especially handy for businesses with numerous locations, since you can manage all locations in one handy place, making it easy to see any inconsistencies that may exist.


Duplicate content has the effect of confusing search engines because it can’t determine which of the duplicate pages to rank first. An important SEO strategy is to eliminate duplicate content in every way possible. Siteliner is similar to Screaming Frog, and it is also widely used. With Siteliner, you can identify broken links, internal page rank, redirections, internal linking, duplicate content, and more.

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