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Using Social Media for a Better Customer Service Experience

Social media has come a long way over the past decade. What was once a hub for high schoolers posting online thoughts or exclusive for college students with a valid university email address has now become a common form of communication for just about everyone middle school aged or older. So, when it comes to […]

5 Drawbacks to Twitter and Why They Don’t Matter

Some people love Twitter, others hate it. Ultimately, no matter your opinion, it’s a great marketing resource and a perfect platform for possible customers. Today, we’re going to cover 5 apparent drawbacks to Twitter and talk about why they really don’t matter. 1. “There are so many tweets out there, it’s way too easy for […]

Best Hashtag Practices

Social media: a mystery? A science? A narcissistic obsession? It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you, as an aspiring or established professional, are caught up with the newest trends and practices. Today, we’re here to talk about hashtags and how they can make or break your social media presence. The hashtag works as […]

How Can I Be Sure My Approach Is Unique?

As a real estate agent in the 21st century, the only way to guarantee success is to change with the times while maintaining your true persona. Many realtors don’t fully grasp how to represent themselves on social media and subsequently lose clients because of their skewed online presence. The ability to be unique is something […]

10 Ways Fitness Instructors Should Use Social Media

Yoga? Spinning? Zumba? Whatever you teach, utilizing social media WILL take your classes and class sizes to the next level. Whether you’re a free-agent moonlighting for the YMCA or a contracted instructor at a local gym or community center, your pay is based on the number of bodies you put into your classes. Sure, once […]

LinkedIn: The One Thing You Should Know Before Outsourcing It

In the television comedy Arrested Development, father George of the always-off-kilter Bluth family is under house arrest for white-collar crimes and cannot be present to partake in the dysfunctionally wacky family interactions. Typically Bluth-ian, the family hires a ‘surrogate’ for him to participate. This surrogate, a stone-faced man wearing a video camera on his ball […]

How to Track Pixels in Facebook Advertising

Pixels. If you are summer moviegoer, PIXELS means a movie where aliens misinterpret a time capsule of classic arcade games as a declaration of war and they attack the Earth in the form of those beloved video games. It’s wholesale jerseys the perfect excuse to tear up New York City streets a la Ghostbusters. The […]

Hawgs and hashtags: The Sons of Arthritis story

My wife Mary and I started Sons of Arthritis Apparel back in late 2010 with a little Go Daddy ad and I thought I was going to be making ‘beer money’. Well, there was a gentleman – a big-name biker — on facebook who posted our shirts and the dang thing went viral. I Micro didn’t […]