LinkedIn: The One Thing You Should Know Before Outsourcing It

linkedin-coffeeIn the television comedy Arrested Development, father George of the always-off-kilter Bluth family is under house arrest for white-collar crimes and cannot be present to partake in the dysfunctionally wacky family interactions. Typically Bluth-ian, the family hires a ‘surrogate’ for him to participate. This surrogate, a stone-faced man wearing a video camera on his ball cap and an earpiece to George’s microphone, represents George and repeats everything the father says to the group in the living room of a Bluth Construction model home.

Hilarity ensues when others get on George’s microphone or when George himself says something that should have been expressed off-mic. The surrogate faithfully (and woodenly) reports George’s unintended expressions and the family reacts as if George is speaking. For all they know, this surrogate IS him, even when what the surrogate says is nonsensical and out of character.

The problems George has in sending a surrogate to be him are the same ones you might experience if you outsource too much of your LinkedIn profile to anyone. The takeaway here? Never give someone else ‘carte blanche’ with your LinkedIn.

At Flywheel Marketing, we do manage LinkedIn pages … and we do it very carefully. Any marketer should admit to you that LinkedIn is a bit tricky to outsource. Read on for specifics.

There are definite limitations to what someone else – your ‘surrogate’ – can do as you on LinkedIn. LinkedIn corporate pages allow us to post on your page and we make comments to people who respond to those comments on your page. That is it. We can’t join groups, connect with other people, connect with other businesses, or make any comments on any other pages other than your own corporate page. As you can imagine, there are lots of marketers frustrated with this because none of the other social networks have this limitation.

The only real way to use LinkedIn effectively for sales is with personal pages. It bears repeating that outsourcing personal pages is a bit tricky because … well … personal pages are personal. When communicating and connecting through a personal page, people are expecting that to be you personally.  A marketing company you hire cannot know who you just met at a conference, who your old co-worker is, or if that high school sweetheart is trying to connect with you, not for old-time’s sake but for a sizzling business partnership. And if any marketing company tries to do that, the results would often be nonsensical and out of character for your professional persona, just like the ‘surrogate’ in Arrested Development.

Of course we can bolster and maintain your professional presence on LinkedIn. We can and we do. We can post content on your corporate pages and respond to any comments that are made. When used as an “about us” page, this outsourcing of your LinkedIn is great for branding.  When it comes to posting content on your personal page, we can do that but we at Flywheel Marketing would want to work with you very closely so that connections and conversations with other individuals truly reflect you.

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How to Track Pixels in Facebook Advertising


If you are summer moviegoer, PIXELS means a movie where aliens misinterpret a time capsule of classic arcade games as a declaration of war and they attack the Earth in the form of those beloved video games. It’s wholesale jerseys the perfect excuse to tear up New York City streets a la Ghostbusters.

The summer blockbuster PIXELS gives us at Flywheel Marketing the perfect excuse to bring up the subject of pixels in your facebook advertising. Pixels are the crucial elements in why facebook advertising can be so directed, so effective, and so cost-effective. And they take only a в few minutes to understand.

In its simplest form, a tracking pixel is a 1×1-pixel image. Coagulant You or your marketing company places this small, unobtrusive piece of code (a pixel) on your website. The pixel goes unnoticed by your site visitors and it will not affect your site’s performance.  It relays a code back to the master URL that shows that the pixel was pinged and by whom. When that person browses the internet, which “pinged” pixel allows companies to serve ads to people most interested in their products or services.

Pixels come in three flavors:

#1 Conversion pixel. These pixels are placed within the checkout confirmation page or the thank-you page at the end of an online purchase. The only information the advertiser gathers with this pixel is how many “conversions” the ad garnered. A conversion or a conversion action in social media is the buy or purchase, often the desired end result of a promotional campaign.

As you can imagine, only 2% of traffic to a website converts to a buy on the first visit, so conversion pixel information is like seeing 2% of your ad’s effectiveness. What about the 98% who visit your site, click around, read about you … and don’t convert right away? Yes, you are ignoring the 98% that wholesale jerseys don’t convert. Might some of that 98% buy your product wholesale nba jerseys if they were reminded of it enough? Absolutely. But a conversion pixel will not show you which ads are reeling in eventual customers; it will only verify for you how many conversions that ad brought to your business.

Next two ways to track pixels in facebook advertising show your AUDIENCE rather than just your CUSTOMERS. This reveals to whom you are showing the ad, not Кофр necessarily who acts on the ad with an Honda end sale … yet.

#2 Remarketing or retargeting pixel. This tracking pixel, imbedded in a website’s home page, tracks visitors to your website regardless of whether or not they make a purchase. It then serves up your ads to them as they browse the web. You or your marketing service can customize the pixel tracking to include or exclude those who have already bought from you. One recommended campaign is focus on existing customers with promotions that encourage upgrades or to past customers with incentives for them to re-subscribe. The re-marketing pixel is a perfect fit for that kind of marketing effort.

The remarketing approach is a powerful branding and conversion optimization tool, especially if it is part of a larger social media marketing strategy. While its strength is that it can help increase conversions from people already interested in you, remarketing is not the strongest vehicle by itself to drive people to your site. If you couple remarketing with and another pixel that drives traffic, this combination will help you optimize your marketing efforts.

#3 One-percent like-kind pixel. Imbedded on the home page of your website, this follows your audience as they visit other sites. This pixel tracking can display your ads for products or services to people who have demonstrated an affinity for your type of product, just not your particular brand … yet. It grabs potential customers who have showed that they like products with a mere one-percent variance from your product line. In essence, your ad is served up to people who are likely to like your product but they just doesn’t know about you yet. This delivers your ad to people most likely to Like your Page, engage with your posts and watch your videos … actions that build your brand and make conversions (making a purchase) more likely.

Here are a couple of parting thoughts on facebook advertising in general:

When PIXEL’s Adam Sandler sees his attackers coming at him while munching down asphalt, he gasps, “PacMan was a bad guy?!?” Because of tracking pixels, facebook advertising is not the Pac Man that takes down your advertising dollar. Facebook advertising is in fact a cost-effective ways to promote your product. The most optimized ads (that is, the ones best targeted to those who then purchase something) will offer the least expensive price-per-click advertising budget. The typical cost per click usually starts at 50 cents and, with savvy use of one-percent like-kind marketing, that price-per-click may drop as the campaign’s effects spread. When a Flywheel Marketing client’s product went viral after a celebrity wore his apparel, his price-per-click plummeted to an almost-unheard-of penny-per-click.

Don’t forget to QR “cross train” your facebook advertising with your customers who prefer email. Go ahead and email those customers with your facebook ads. It’s a very simple way to loop in all customers and optimize your entire campaign.

When it comes to story pixel tracking, Flywheel Marketing is GAME ON with your facebook ad campaign. Email us at Put us to work.



Hawgs and hashtags: The Sons of Arthritis story

My wife Mary and I started Sons of Arthritis Apparel back in late 2010 with a little Go Daddy ad and I thought I was going to be making ‘beer money’. Well, there was a gentleman – a big-name biker — on facebook
who posted our shirts and the dang thing went viral.

I Micro didn’t know anything about facebook until that took off. We soon found out that wholesale mlb jerseys – lo and wholesale jerseys behold – facebook was the medium to start rolling -NAPO- our business. At first and for the longest time, we built our apparel business based on some posts. But, you know, facebook has had quite a few changes to the way they go about things – with their algorithms and what they do behind the scenes. Lord knows I still don’t know anything about it.

Over time, cheap jerseys I had to look for people who Smelly could help me understand facebook and grow my business on social media. I had a couple and of them who supposedly were going to make me money and didn’t do anything.

Then I reached out to a company called Flywheel Marketing. When I called, they were very good at knowing our business. Flywheel took the time to understand what we did, to research wholesale nba jerseys us. Their communications have been fabulous.

As of now, in 2015, we are a half-million dollar company and doing facebook ads at a cost-per-click that is trip so low that it is almost unheard of.

If you are looking for someone to really drive wholesale nfl jerseys your business on social media so you can be successful, I highly Use recommend Kapstaden Flywheel Marketing.

Good luck.

Stan Dorak


CEO of Sons of Arthritis Apparel


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