Business Social Media Taking Over Your Life?

Here are 11 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Social Media Marketing Company.

Has the social media of your business morphed into that overly-attached girlfriend? Calls to return all the time, texts
day and night, every message holding the expectation of an instant response.

You probably enjoyed social media at first but now? It is an ever-present distraction from vital plans and actions
that would take your business to the next level.

Or maybe you never really understood social media and don’t have the time to stop and figure it out. You are too
essential where you are at, doing what you do to run the best business around.

Whatever your situation, you may have figured out that now is time to consider outsourcing your social media
marketing. But how do you find the right social media marketing company? Here are 11 questions – 8 for them and 3
for you.

Q #1 Ask the company “How long have you been doing this?” Fresh college grads come with tech skills and may have
a slick business website but they will lack your savvy and might not make the business judgment calls online that
you would make. Flywheel Marketing has been doing content marketing for almost 20 years and its team has a
combined 105 years of experience. Yep, the ink on our degrees has been dry for decades and we’ve spent those decades
learning this business for your business.

Q #2 Find out how they measure results. “What metrics do you use to measure engagement for me? What reporting
shows us what’s working and what’s not?” You will want a social media marketing team that has metrics mastered.
Social media should eventually do more than pay for itself (like all marketing) and affect your bottom line. If it
doesn’t, don’t bother. Give it 5-6 months to really start making a significant impact on your bottom line. You should
see an increase in engagement or “people talking about this” and an increase in “likes” and followers within the first
month. You should start to see and hear people mention you in the real work because of your online world. This
would look like a customer coming up to you or you receiving an email that says something like “My friend shared
your photo from Facebook with me and that’s how I heard about you”.

Q #3 Ask the company “How quickly can you get to know me and my business?” Flywheel Marketing takes the time
to fully understand your business and your customer. We will want to know who your ideal customer is, why they
do business with you? Who are you competitors? What sets you apart?

Q #4 Ask the company “How do you communicate with me? How often?” Getting a bargain rate on your social
media marketing service ain’t worth a thing if they are hard to reach them. Some companies will limit the frequency
or number of calls, emails, texts. Pay for responsiveness; it is worth it. We are always available via email
( and we will happily set up a time to talk via phone when that makes the most sense.

Q #5a Ask the company “What do you mean when you say you post content?” For Flywheel Marketing, that means
we put out at least 2 great pieces of content every day. We follow lots of blogs in order to see what’s out there and
then we post a mix of blog posts, photos, videos, and text posts. Every month, we look at the stats to see what’s
working and what’s not. Then we simply do more of what’s working and less of what’s not. We also work hard on
making sure the subtlety of our posts not only give your current fans and followers great value, but make it easy for
them to want to share the content with their friends and followers.

Q #5b Ask the company “What else do you do besides post content?” Engagement is that two-way street. You gotta
converse with your customers, not just tell them about yourself. Our internal engagement means we keep your page
active. We want to make sure every person who comments or mentions you gets recognized. This might look like
liking their post or “favoriting” their tweet. If they feel “heard” they will come back. This also includes making sure
that spam is deleted and your page is constantly reflecting you and your brand. For external engagement, we reach
out to other like-minded sites and post there so that their views are just a click away from you.

Q #6 Like all marketing, social media marketing should pay for itself … eventually and inevitably. Offer your social
media marketing budget figure and ask “Can you work within that?” We charge monthly and the PPC (pay-perclick)
advertising through FB is a great thing. We can work within your budget. Some companies that are just
starting can get away with outsourcing just Facebook, while other companies might want to outsource Facebook,
Facebook PPC ads, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more …

Q #7 Ask “Do you outsource my outsourcing?” Since you are going for a seamless transition, find out if skilled
English speakers will be leading your social media. You want what will best match your communication style. The
Flywheel Marketing team is based out of Dallas, Texas.

Q #8 Tell them your social media struggles. Then let them talk uninterrupted for a few minutes. See if you like what
they say. Will they give you what you need?
Now it’s time to ask yourself some questions:

Q #9 You need someone who can act like you online. So ask yourself “Will this company represent my business like I
would on my website, my Facebook, my Twitter, my Instagram, and Pinterest?” You want seamless-ness. You want
your customers – both new and loyal – to see little difference in the responses on your business social media … except
that your customer service just got more responsive.

Q #10 Ask yourself “Are their services directed and focused? Do they ‘get’ what I am about?” Take a look at their
‘intake’ form – the form they use to get to know you. Do they ask insightful questions about your business? Not just
about your budget and goals (which are important) but also what kind of image you would like to project with
quick-and-easy-for-you answers on their form.

Q #11 Ask yourself “Am I willing to give this new direction at least 5 or 6 months?” The biggest hiring mistake in
social media marketing is giving up too fast. Two to four weeks – REALLY? That is not enough time to generate
immediate buzz and constant hum about you and your business. If you are not willing to give 5-6 months, don’t
outsource. Keep doing what you are doing because there is a part of you that likes that status quo.
Give us a call, email, Tweet or facebook post. Put us to work. And get back to those plans that take your business to
the next level.